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Successful Climbing Gym Design-build

Mar 4, 2019

Stoneham, MA  – Building Automation Systems recently completed a new construction, design-build project for the Central Rock Gym in Stoneham, MA. The project entailed complete mechanical design and installation for the 16,500 square foot facility. The mechanical equipment included a packaged 25-ton air handling unit (AHU) with gas heat and DX cooling to serve the…

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RTU Design-Build Replacement Time-lapse

May 25, 2017

RTU Replacement Design-Build: Over one weekend, the BAS team installed a new 493 ton Seasons-4 roof top unit (RTU)  to replace an outdated Tempmaster RTU.  The new RTU was designed for exact alignment with the existing unit’s footprint.  The Seasons-4 unit alignment accounted for all of the old unit’s gas, chilled water, electric power, and…

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7 Reasons to Embrace the Design/Build Approach

Mar 29, 2017

There are lots of great reasons why business and building owners should hire a design/build firm to develop solutions for building automation systems. However, today we are just going to talk about the most beneficial advantages. BAS design/build can be used in many different types of projects and can be a great option for many…

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Preventive Maintenance Solutions for HVAC

Feb 5, 2017

While it has been proven that building automation services can work to reduce energy consumption, help building owners to achieve efficiency goals, and significantly lower downtime due to HVAC service maintenance, there are some who don’t understand or appreciate the benefits associated with having a preventive maintenance contract. This is especially important for companies that…

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HVAC Solutions in New England: Building Automation Systems

Feb 1, 2017

There are many advantages associated with opting for integrated building automation systems, particularly in the northeastern region, where winter temperatures and conditions can be extreme compared to other parts of the country. Automated control systems provide building owners and facility managers with the ability to reduce energy costs and regulate building functions. In addition, there…

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