Seasons 4 RTU Replacement Time-lapse

Framingham, MA – Over one weekend, the BAS team installed a new 172 ton Seasons 4 roof top unit (RTU). The unit arrived onsite Friday night, September 11th, and was completely installed and commissioned by Sunday the 13th.  The 2-day timeline allowed for no impact to building tenants in the 162,000 sq. ft. office building. The unit has 172 tons in DX cooling capacity with 8 scroll compressors.  The total RTU weight is 32,300 lbs.  The Seasons 4 unit was supplied by manufacturer’s rep Noble Associates, Inc.

As part of the design process, BAS surveyed and assessed building loads to ensure the new units cooling capacity would meet building demand. Additionally, BAS worked with Seasons 4 engineers to ensure the unit would fit on the existing curb and all existing services. The alignment design accounted for all of the old unit’s electric power, and control feeds, thereby eliminating the need for additional field wiring. Lastly, BAS and Seasons 4 collaborated to provide custom RTU sequences that ensured proper integration and operation with the existing building management system.

The project was a success and the new unit is currently operational in Framingham, MA.

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